Chinese Language course Overview

Chinese Language

Mandarin is the Standardized Pronunciation of Chinese Language which in Chinese is usually called Pǔ tōng huà (普通话). With the initiation of CPEC and increased interaction of local populace with Chinese Companies, We observed that there is a communication gap between Pakistanis and the Chinese. We are playing pivotal role in Pakistan-China relations and we believe it is our duty to bridge this gap and for that we have initiated Chinese Language Classes for professionals and students who are interested in going to Chinese Companies in the future or interact with Chinese people. (no age limit required)

About the course

Designed to develop and reinforce language skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing as it relates to everyday situations, our course targets professionals and students without prior training in Chinese. The main objectives of course are following:

  1. To master the Chinese phonetic system (pinyin and tones) with satisfactory pronunciation.
  2. To understand the construction of commonly used Chinese Characters (both simplified and traditional) and learn to write them correctly.
  3. To understand and use correctly basic Chinese grammar and sentence structures.
  4. To build up essential vocabulary.
  5. To make sentences using learned vocabularies (both simplified and traditional).
  6. To start conversations with Chinese people in their custom ways in daily routine.

The course takes a fun, interactive approach with learning materials appropriate to professionals. The course features have intensive listening and speaking fluency practice sessions and aims to develop conversation skills as well as cultural awareness in dealing with the Chinese.